The great Coptic Encyclopedia below ought to be of particular interest for anyone interested in Coptic language or Coptic religious studies. Coptic Christianity is a strong sect in some areas of the Middle East, and many proselyte a great deal, making useful materials available online.

Other Resources
Reference Materials
The Coptic Encyclopedia A truly great collection.
BYU Coptic Resources Various Coptic resources.
Short Bibliography of Coptic Studies Not complete, certainly, but a nice place to begin.
Some Very Old Coptic Reference Books In many different languages, including Coptic. To read them, click on the title, then click the image of the book.
Checklist of Old Text Editions Papyri, ostraca, and tablets.
Culture & History
History of the Coptic Language From the St. Shenouda website.
Value of the Coptic Language From the St. Shenouda website.
Study of the Coptic Calendar Looks good, though we certainly aren't experts.
Bibliography of Coptic Phonology A very nice list, with links to the files.
Tito Orlandi's Work Coptic scholarship in Italian.
Blogs & Sites
Coptic for Egyptians A collection of hundreds of books and resources for all aspects of Coptica.
Kame Forum You can feel their excitement - serious Coptic enthusiasts are here, so join the group and contribute to their projects.
St. Shenouda portal For many topics of Coptica.
Games & Entertainment

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